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This was the scariest interview- EVER!

Character Interview with Sue

K- Hi Sue. Thank you for joining me for this interview. Your story has touched many and brought with it several burning questions. I guess the first question in my mind is what attracted you to Zeke in the first place?

S- It was his looks that first caught my attention. And then he spoke. His voice was like honey. His eyes were an electric blue, vibrant, and his body was to die for. Plus, he had a way of looking at me like I was really special. I couldn’t believe he was interested in me, at all. Let’s face it; he’s hot.

K-I get that.  He is a good looking guy, but looks are only skin deep.  (Shaking my head, feeling a tad judgmental...foolish girl!) Even when Zeke humiliated you, you always found a way to justify his behavior and forgive him. Why did you ignore all those warning signs early on??

S- At the time, I was convinced he didn’t mean to hurt me. I felt he was using me as an outlet to vent the pain of his bad upbringing; plus, I rationalized that due to his creative nature he had a sensitive temperament.

K-Well, I can understand how you might have gone into “savior mode”; I think most women have experienced that at least once in their lives.  I guess that’s part of the appeal of the “bad boy”. (Softening... feeling empathetic, placing my hand on hers,) Why did you believe the lies that Zeke told you about your parents, when you had only known him for a short time?

S- He was a master of words. Zeke had a way of manipulating my thoughts and convincing me he was right. I didn’t really believe everything he said, but he had a way of planting doubt in my mind.

K-He is definitely a master of manipulation. It’s his gift… a gift he uses for evil…(Looking into Sue's eyes and seeing the loss & betrayal) Out of all of the horrible experiences you went through with Zeke, what was the most painful?

S- Other than at the very last, the worst was when he found out I’d called home. Not only did he hurt me physically, but I got my first true look into the dangerous mind behind the fa├žade of his charm.

K-That must have been so terrifying. (Suddenly feeling very protective of Sue) You experienced horror beyond imagination with Zeke.  Thank God you are alive to tell the tale.  What lesson would you share with other young girls who might fall prey to another Zeke?

S- First off, look past the surface and don’t ignore any warning signs. If a man tries to control you, has an unpredictable temper, and convinces you to do things you know are wrong, you need to do an about-face, walk away, and don’t look back.

K- That’s great advice, Sue.  Maybe by sharing your story, you can save another young girl.  Thank you for sharing with us and best of luck to you. ( I hug Sue tightly and pray that other young girls will hear this message)

Character interview with Zeke

K- Hello Zeke thank you for agreeing to do this interview.  I have to admit I was reluctant to meet with you, but I think everyone is curious to find what motivates someone to orchestrate such pure evil. (My heart is pounding so loudly in fear... I hope he can't hear it) My first question is this: at times you acted in an almost loving manner towards Sue; did you have any feelings for her at all?

Z- What do you mean act? I wasn’t acting; I loved Sue, at least to begin with. After a while, she became somewhat of a bore. But that’s old history; let’s talk about you. So your name is Kat, that’s really unusual. Does it stand for Katrina? It has poetic aspects to it. You do know I write poetry don’t you? I’d like to show you some of my stuff sometime.

K-No, it’s Kathleen. (Feeling strangely flattered, as his mesmerizing eyes seem to look into my soul) But let’s talk about you. You seem to feel no guilt about the horrendous crimes that you have committed. How do you justify your actions?

Z- Crimes? Look, I might have gotten carried away a time or two, but accidents happen. I mean, come on, Kat, (laughs softly) have you ever seen me deliberately hurt someone?

K-You were able to manipulate Sue so easily, you seem to know exactly how to control her. (Shifting uncomfortably in my seat, horrified that this monster could affect me this way) Did you see something in her that made her a likely target?

Z- Kat, really, target? I don’t like the word target. I see potential in every woman; Sue was desperately looking for love. I could almost taste her need for acceptance, it was so strong.

K-You use your sexuality and charm as a lure and a tool in manipulating your victims. Do you even enjoy the sex? (I damn the color that starts to blush my cheeks)

Z- Hell yes, I enjoy it. It’s all good. I have a very large…sexuality, if you know what I mean. Why don’t we go grab a bite to eat and discuss it? By the way, do you have any money? I seem to have forgotten my wallet.

K-I get the impression that you feel a sense of entitlement, (sitting up straighter, finally snapping out of his spell...the money part did it) what makes you feel that the world owes you?

Z- I’ve never insinuated I was owed anything. Don’t put words in my mouth, kitten. But now that you’ve brought it up, I do deserve more from life than I’ve gotten.

K-When did you first start killing? (Feeling the hatred rise up in my throat)

Z- Whoa! Hold on there, kitten. I’ve never killed anyone. What kind of monster do you think I am? I can’t be held responsible when people die. It’s not my fault if a woman is too delicate to handle the needs of a real man.

K-Do you have any plans for the future? (Sickened, and wishing him dead) What makes Zeke happy?

Z- I plan to publish my poetry someday soon. And then I’d like to find the perfect woman, someone soft, pliable, and willing. It would be absolutely perfect if she was generous with her money. Then we could travel and experience life to its fullest. That’s what it’s all about, really. Experiencing life. What are your future plans, kitten? Feel like a road trip?

K- No thank you.  Good luck to you, Zeke. (I quickly leave the room, feeling quite shaken, having just met the most dangerous breed of predator.)

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