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Guest host: The one and only Jeremy Laszlo

Please allow me to introduce the incredibly talented author, Jeremy Laszlo:

The Blood & Brotherhood Saga is in my opinion, unlike any other fantasy you have read before.  Sure it has familiar elements of a traditional fantasy read, but I really wanted to take the story somewhere else.  I wanted to go deeper with the story, and darker with the plot at every turn.  I can honestly say, that having read thousands of fantasy novels myself, I have never seen anything else like The Blood and Brotherhood saga.  Perhaps other writers were afraid of trying something different for fear of how it would be received by readers.  Perhaps they try to keep their work lite in order to widen the spectrum of readers.  This is just my speculation, but I chose not to constrain my creativity just to sell a few more books.

The Saga starts off with The Choosing, which by most accounts is a traditional fantasy story.  The book chronicles the life of a few brave young men and women who journey to the City of Valdadore for the choosing ceremony.  Each of the young adventurers has a limited knowledge of the world at large, and knows even less about the ceremony to which they are approaching. The Choosing ceremony is traditionally a gathering of young adults from around the realm who are then drafted into service to the kingdom for a period of no less than five years.  Not all are conscripted into the armies of Valdadore however, many will be ushered into other services to the realm, at least that is what they beleive.

The kingdom of Valdadore is in a precarious position.  A dark army gathers to the south of the kingdom, threatening to strike at any time.  In weeks past many villages have been razed, the men and children slaughtered, the women raped and taken as slaves to the inhuman army.  Facing a superior force, what purpose will the kingdom choose all those who come to the choosing ceremony for?  What fate lies ahead for those swearing their service to the kingdom?

Imagine if you will that you are seventeen.  You were raised in a small village where every one of your neighbors is like family to you.  The world outside your home is much a mystery to you, and you would like nothing more than to simply live out your days in the village where you were born.  Alas this is not an option.  As you have reached adulthood, you, like everyone else your age, has been summoned to the castle city of Valdadore to be forced into a life not of your own control.  You have heard rumors of an impending war, and as such it is likely that you will be forced to join the armies of Valdadore.  With impending battle, you likely will not be properly trained and as such are consigned to die within weeks of leaving home.  What are you to do?  What can you do?  If you flee you will likely be hunted down and if caught, condemned to death.  If you attend the ceremony you are likely to die.

Imagine that you live in a world where there are great champions blessed by the gods with mighty powers or abilities.  Though none know the true motives of the gods, and many mistrust them, what if one of the gods vied for you to become their champion upon the world?  What if the bargain seemed too easy?  What if you knew there was more than what you were being asked?  What if your service to the god allowed you to shape your own destiny?  Would you align yourself with a immortal being without knowing their motives, the cost of your sacrifice, or the source of the power given to you?  What if it meant that you could remain with the one person on the world that you love more than life itself?  What would you sacrifice?

You need to visit Thurr.  Take a journey with Seth and Garret and see what paths they choose.  What you find will be sure to surprise you.  What story would be complete without a strong woman you may ask?  None!  That is why you might like to get to know Sara, she is entirely too mischievous for her own good, but who doesn't like a naughty girl?  Meet the gods, meet those who worship them, meet the champions of Thurr, and witness the birth of Vampires and Werewolves unlike you have ever before imagined.  I warn you, though as I stated above, Book one is very much akin to a traditional fantasy read, as you progress through the series, do your best to prepare yourself for the unexpected.

Wait! Before I let you go wandering off to check out Jeremy's awesome books, I have to tell you about a fun little exercise that we are doing. We are asking each reader to contribute one word to a list that Jeremy will have to use to create a poem.  You can leave your word in the comments.  Jeremy will only have a couple of days to put together this poem.  Let's see what he comes up with : ) 

The Blood & Brotherhood Saga Starts here:
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The Chosen (Book 2 of The Blood & Brotherhood Saga)
The Changing (Book 3 of The Blood & Brotherhood Saga)
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